Our Story

The Principles of Fortress Legacy have been involved in finance, capital markets, and specific market sectors for over 30 years. We have built relationships and developed a clear understanding of market conditions. Where others see a quagmire, the founders of Fortress Legacy see amazing opportunity.

About Us

Fortress Legacy was founded to take advantage of the confusion that is present in certain rapidly growing market sectors. Fortress Legacy has positioned itself within these sectors to profitably leverage the changing market conditions, capitalizing by consolidating smaller companies and integrating resources, IP, and human capital with new financing to supercharge revenue growth and valuation of acquired assets.


Our Company Mission & Principles

At Fortress Legacy, we are guided by a set of principles that creates a culture that ensures top performance, while always remembering what we stand for – helping people invest that produces results which enhances their financial well-being.


To solve some of the most significant problems in the world, by integrating companies, products, services, ideas, strategies, and capital markets that produce meaningful results for our customers and fund partners.


Think. Focus. Execute.


Our Company values and culture is designed to inspire employees and partners, producing creativity and enthusiasm that challenges and drives success. We go beyond standard responsibilities and deliver outstanding results, consumed by our insatiable appetite to solve towering problems that make a positive impact that changes the world for the better.