Our fund

Fund Investments

Fortress Legacy locates undervalued assets in high-grow sectors, then creates new and sustainable long term value by leveraging existing partnerships and public markets to produce maximum appreciation to our fund partners.


Strategic Planning

From years of developing industry relationships, we forge new and competitive market strategies by vertically integrating sector businesses and capital markets for maximum fund value.


Impact Investing

Not only are we focused on our fund allocation that produces the greatest ‘impact’ ROI for our fund partners, but we also align our investments to be socially responsible ‘impact investments.’


Risk Management

Our fund is focused on high-growth assets that offer accelerated capital markets liquidity. We accomplish this through senior secured debt, and often company control.

How we invest 

Investments and Acquisitions

We source investment opportunities that have the following qualities:

  • The Company has Clarity of Purpose
  • The Company solves a BIG problem
  • Defensible Intellectual Property
  • Competitive market advantage
  • Market traction
  • Excellent management team
  • Sustainable Value Proposition
  • Large market of $100 Billion+
  • Timing is right for the product/service
  • Profitable (or close to profitability)

We Manage with Clarity of Purpose

We consolidate and vertically integrate high-growth market sectors, add value, and take to the public market.

We analyze market opportunities, locating companies, IP, products, or services that are the most effective at solving major national or global problems, but may be lacking capital or strategic relationships, that we then provide.


We focus Fortress Legacy with the same Clarity of Purpose we look for in our Investments and Acquisitions.

Our business model is simple; we source opportunities in rapidly growing market sectors that when vertically integrated produce competitive market advantages and higher market capitalization for our fund portfolio. 

How It Works

Once consolidated, we then take the combined vertically integrated entities to the capital markets, producing exit liquidity for our fund and its Investors.

How to Invest

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