The Fortress Legacy Acquisition Fund acquires high-growth assets poised for the public markets.

Acquisition Fund Opportunity

Fortress Legacy is an Institutional Investment ‘Fund of Funds’ that uncovers valuable assets in high-grow sectors, leverages existing partnerships and public markets to produce maximum fund value.


Why Partner with Fortress Legacy?

Fortress Legacy invests in and acquires companies with strong financial profiles and sound business models that are well-positioned to benefit from the long-term growth trends within rapidly expanding market sectors; typically taking positions that have a go-to-public market plan within a 12-month window from asset allocation. 


Client Fiduciary

Fortress Legacy acts as a fiduciary on behalf of its syndicate fund partners. We are focused first on client fund protection, with senior debentures and public market exits.


Performance Management

Our investment team engages with company management regularly, developing strategic industry insight and perspective to create more value by leveraging our resources.


Accountability & Transparency

We’re founded on integrity, transparency, and accountability. We recognize our duty and responsibility to our fund partners to provide clarity and execution to meet fund objectives.


Only 10 Fund Positions Available

Fortress Legacy is syndicating a limited ten positions in its acqusition fund. The minimum position offered to Institutional Investors is $2,000,000, with an aggregate acquisition fund value of $20,000,000.

Ten Fund positions

Fortress Legacy is positioned to offer ten syndicate positions @ $2,000,000, with an aggregate fund total of $20,000,000. 


Avg annual growth

Fortress Legacy is focusing asset allocation on funding vertically integrated companies that have a YOY growth of 39%. 

use of funds

The Principals of Fortress Legacy have established market relationships that have produced nine strategic acquisition targets.


The current Fortress Legacy fund pipeline consists of fast-growth acquisition targets that generate over $100 Million in annual revenue. 

How We Work

Fortress Legacy is intimately involved in rapidly expanding growth markets, having created industry relationships over the last decade that generates market deal-flow that are attractive public market opportunities.

Fortress Legacy Acquisition Fund

Fund Information 

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